I have a range of dolls which you may view below. These are in order of complexity or detail, and therefore cost! They can be bought online or by emailing me. Please note that when purchasing a doll, you may also wish to purchase a dancing board ( stick is included with the doll). I will send the doll to you as soon as I receive the funds.

Just click on a picture below for details about each doll or to view the video of the doll dancing.

If you decide to order a doll please ensure you select your Region before completing your order, then next go to the Accessories page to check if you want anything else, then go to the Checkout page.

I hope you like them!

Sorry but I am currently out of Jollity, Pitkin, Dicey, Henerey dolls. I hope to rectify this over winter. Jollity ready by mid January. Pitkin late January. Dicey early Feb.

Jollity Kipper Coster Funniful Pitkin Dicey Nellie&Dean Ready Made Dolls Henerey

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