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London Pride Morris


St Trinians Girl

This rather saucy girl is from the infamous St Trinians school. Her skirt is very short and therefore I was able to make her all with wood, so she dances very well.

Sorrel Horse

This fine horse is an excellent dancer. Watch him below.

Nasty Pirate

This fellow is really a nice guy. Look at his kind face, and see how beautifully he dances for you


Examples of past Custom Made Dolls  The dolls below are examples of my work. See the Gallery page for more pictures and videos.


This Leprechaun is called Seamus. He dances using one of my Two Dancer Kits with Bridie below.

Pierrot Doll

This Pierrot doll is made in the image of an old troupe called “The Harrogate Pierrots”.


Bridie is an Irish dancing lady made to accompany Seamus whilst dancing around Spain! She has a wooden skirt which does not inhibit her dancing

Violin Girl

This doll was made holding a violin while she danced. Obviously there are no arm movements when she dances!

Tudor Dolls

These two dolls were made to look old with matt shellac varnish. They are Will Kemp, who famously danced from London to Norwich in 1600 (or 1580), and a peasant playing his hurdy gurdy.

And here is a video of the peasant playing his hurdy gurdy whilst dancing.

The Laughing Policeman

The Laughing Policeman was made for a customer to her specification. He is weight challenged, but very jolly. He is wearing a 1940's style uniform as did the original Laughing Policeman. He has large flat feet and ankle joints to ensure he dances like a trooper!

Dancing Dead

This really creepy doll was commissioned by a ghost (I think!). It is made from unpainted birch wood to give a dried skin effect, and given a yellow tinge using coloured wood stain.

I made him from pictures of  the London Pride Morris Side for a client from Cecil Sharp House.

Dancing Bill

This is Dancing Bill. I made him from pictures of Bill Johnston from the

 East Suffolk Morris  men.