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Welcome to Chris Harvey’s Jig Doll Circus
See the Dolls Dancing for your Entertainment

Welcome to Britain’s greatest and grandest web site devoted entirely to the traditional folk art of the Dancing Jig Doll.


Jig dolls have been around for centuries and used to be seen dancing on street corners or in pubs , entertaining passers by, and most likely annoying serious drinkers!


In this site you can see various characters in action and get a feel for their great entertainment value. I dance my dolls regularly at our music sessions in our local pubs. They are always of interest to our locals, but I never cease to be amazed at the reaction they get from visitors! The excitement and interest is second to none.



All my dolls are made by myself for amusement and fun. There are lots of pictures and videos of dolls dancing in this site. In addition all of my standard (Ready Made) dolls are made in memory of an artiste from the past and this is reflected in their name and character.


Please have a look, enjoy yourself, have fun, and buy one for yourself if you want one!


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Following feedback I have restructured this site to make it easier to navigate around.
This page shows videos and pictures of some of the dolls I have made to order, so that you can decide if you want one of these.
This page shows videos and pictures and explains the character of my range of dolls which you can buy online for immediate delivery.
I occasionally have a few individual dolls which can be bought online. This page shows pictures of them..
There are a number of optional extras you may wish to consider.
This page shows you how to play a Jig doll.
About the dolls and myself.
Please visit this page if you are buying anything and are ready to checkout.
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Please check out my prototype Nellie and Dean dolls in the Ready Made section.
Foot machines are back in stock, and a new Henery is available,
but Funniful dolls are still unavailable at present.
Costs Summary.

Summary of costs and shipping charges