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Presentation Box

The Presentation boxes are to add that bit extra if you are buying a doll as a present, or if you require a cover to protect it from damage.They cost £8 plus p&p  (unless purchasing a doll, when p&p is included).

Please order using the boxes below.

Two Dancer Kit

My “two Dancer” kits enable you to dance two dolls at once. They consist of a stick adaptor which has a handle at the rear and two sticks at the front, and a wide board adaptor which is attached to a standard  board to enable the two dolls to dance side by side. (Note if you are just buying this kit you will have to drill a 6mm hole in one end of your board. I will do this if you are buying a board as well.)

The kits are green painted and varnished £17 plus p&p

(Dolls not included).

Please purchase using the form below.

Buy Folding Board only £6 +  p&p

Buy Straight birch board only £5 + p&p

Buy Birch Paddle Board only £8 +  p&p

Buy  Mahogany Board £25 + p&p

Buy Presentation box only £8 + p&p

Please only use this option if you are also buying a doll at the same time. Otherwise please use the previous option which includes the p&p charge.

Buy this Presentation box with your doll


Buy Painted Two Dancer kit £17 + p&p

Dancing Boards

The standard straight board is made from 4mm birch ply. As an alternative you can purchase a folding, straight, or paddle/spatula board made from birch ply, or a beautiful solid wood mahogany straight board.

The paddle board gives you a larger dancing area, and the solid wooden board gives a louder sound when played (and looks nicer!).

If you are buying a doll then please choose your board on the page for the doll where p&p charges are included in the cost of the doll.


If you just want to buy a board then please use the box below, but please be wary of the shipping/p&p charges, which can be excessive for a low cost purchase!

Fantastic Foot Machine

Do you play an instrument and have no spare hands?

Would you like to have a dancing doll while you play?

Then have a look at my easy to use fantastic foot operated dancing machine. Whilst the effect is not quite as good, with only one foot operating the doll, rather than two hands, it is worth considering if you wish to enhance your entertainment value. This is available for only £60 plus p&p . (Doll not included).

Please order below.

There are a range of accessories listed below. Please click on the one you are interested in or just scroll through them.

Dancing Boards: Paddle boards and solid wooden boards

Presentation Boxes: Put your present into a purpose made box

Two Dancers kit: You can dance two dolls at once

Fantastic Foot Machine: Dance your doll without using your hands!


If you are already purchasing a doll please use the form on the right which does not add in the p&p charges as these are included with the doll cost.

Foot machine £60 +p&p

Folding board Paddle/spatula board Mahogany Board