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NuBois are my new range of unpainted dolls.

They are made from selected hardwoods, some exotic and some rare. Below there are sample pictures of the dolls in each wood. If you have a piece of wood you would like me to use, please let me know. Email chris@jigdolls.co.uk .

(Apologies to French speakers: The french words are Bois Nu which means bare wood, but I think NuBois is a catchier name!)

I love to see real wood and to feel its smooth texture. The dolls are finished with a linseed oil based product (Tru Oil) and rubbed to a matt finish with fine wire wool. This provides a waterproof coat and brings out the best appearance of the wood.

The various costs reflect the price of the woods, some of which are quite expensive!

To Date I have dolls available in the following:

1 .Cherry from England £30

2. Mahogany from Africa £30

3. Red Mahogany from Australia £30

4. Spalted Beech from England £30

5. Walnut from England £30

6. Black Walnut from USA £30

7. Maple with Birds eye veneer Canada £30

8. Bokoto from Mexico £35

9. Olive from Valencia (1000 year old) £35

10. Zebrano from Brazil £35

11. Leopard Wood from South America £35

Coming soon :Purple Heart, Yew, Tamo Ash from Japan, and many more!

If you wish to buy one of these please email me at chris@jigdolls.co.uk and I will check availability and arrange payment & delivery.

Pictures below of  some of these.